How we help pro bono organisations

It is the NPBC's aim to listen to the needs of organisations and try to respond to them in the best way we can. Read on to find out more about what we are doing to help charities who enable pro bono.

How we help

The NPBC has raised funds through the Commercial Litigators’ Forum to help us deliver projects that organisations and charities enabling pro bono have said they need help with.

We also aim to make it easier for charities to find more lawyers to offer their time by hosting details of any volunteering opportunities that need filling on our website, making it searchable, and updating it regularly.

As a hub for many organisations that rely on pro bono volunteers, we are happy to help with any networking or collaboration you need. We can introduce you to our wide range of contacts and provide ideas on how to cultivate partnerships that may help you to work more efficiently.

Do you need help for yourself, friends or family?

We do not offer legal advice to individuals, but we can help you find organisations who do.

Find help

Post an opportunity

Pro bono legal help can make a difference across a spectrum of needs: from understanding a form or letter, to casework and court representation.

Any lawyer has the ability to do pro bono that makes a difference – whether you are a lawyer in private practice, or an in-house lawyer working for a company, charity or for local or central government.

You may have legal expertise or knowledge which can help an individual, a charity or not-for-profit organisation resolve a legal problem.

As part of Pro Bono Week, the National Pro Bono Centre coordinates a volunteer recruitment drive for free legal advice charities.

To post an opportunity, please log in or create a profile. You can also email us if you need any help.