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What is Pro Bono Week?

Pro Bono Week is a chance to celebrate and say thank you to the legal profession for its commitment to providing free legal help to individuals and organisations who are unable to access advice and representation.


It is now  in its 18th year, and takes place  4th to 8th November 2019.


2019 Objective:

Encourage more pro bono volunteering

2019 Themes:

  • Changing lives through pro bono – Highlighting how legal volunteering makes a difference to the public and can even lead to changes in the law

  • Celebrating pro bono – Showcasing pro bono work and the achievements of volunteer lawyers

  • Why pro bono is good for you – Demonstrating the career value of pro bono through events which explore the benefits of pro bono in terms of impact on career development

  • New developments in pro bono – Specific areas of development and best practice in pro bono schemes

NPBW 2017 Highlights
Guide to Pro Bono
Planning an event?
Pro Bono Volunteering

1. Changing lives through pro bono


2. Celebrating pro bono


3. Why pro bono is good for you 


4. New developments in pro bono