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Tribunal advocate

  • London
  • Position Deadline: 1 January, 2019

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FRU volunteers represent clients in social security appeals and in the Employment Tribunal, and in the appeal process arising from these hearings.


Volunteers have complete conduct of the case, with appropriate support from FRU’s legal officers. The volunteer receives key documents from a referral agency, gathers the necessary evidence, prepares the bundle and submissions, holds a client conference and attends the hearing to put the case. In the Employment Tribunal FRU volunteers may also negotiate with the respondent as necessary to reach a settlement, following their client’s instructions.


Volunteers may take on as many or as few cases as they wish. Case preparation takes place at FRU’s office in High Holborn so the volunteer must be able to work at that location.


There are eligibility criteria and training and other criteria before a volunteer can be accepted to take on cases. Details can be found on the FRU website.


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