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Volunteers who give advice to our clients are at the heart of our service and we could not manage without them. Volunteer advisers receive full training in the skills needed to help deal with their problems and learn how to find information the client needs from our extensive database.  Volunteers are supported and supervised as they begin to give advice and will get feedback and development opportunities throughout their time at Citizens Advice. There are a variety of roles and tasks up to giving full advice . Advisers do some or all of this:

  • Finding out what clients problem is and helping them understand self-help information so the client can act for themselves.
  • helping a client with debts work out a reasonable rate of repayment and supporting them to negotiate with creditors
  • Interviewing¬† a homeless client to find out what their housing options are and helping the client decide their next steps
  • Interviewing a client that has been sacked and finding out whether they have lost their job unfairly or not.


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