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Are you a barrister looking to give your time to those in need?  You can start helping, even from your second sixth!

If you would like to join our panel and provide legal assistance on a pro bono basis, there are a variety of ways to get involved.  By completing the attached registration form, you or your clerk will gain access to the members’ area of our website, where you can browse our available cases.

Alternatively, we may send emails to you or your clerks with particular cases according to your or your Chambers specialisms. If you are interested in a piece of work the Unit will then send you the relevant papers to consider, together with the Unit’s review from the reviewing barrister.

Where you have agreed to do a piece of work, the applicant is given your details and details of the assistance which the Unit has authorised you to provide. You are instructed directly by the client via the Unit’s direct access licence. A client relationship will arise and the Unit drops into the background, unless there is a specific issue with which we can help.

Minimum commitment:

We ask all panel members to commit to helping for a minimum of 3 days each year, though many do a lot more. As a volunteer you shall only be contacted with cases that fit with your expertise and experience, and you are in control of whether you decide you are able to assist or not.


For employed barristers we would require that you have up to £500,000 personal indemnity insurance in place, either provided through your employer or through your own personal cover. We would also require consent from your employer that they are happy for you to conduct pro bono work.


We accept panel members from the second sixth of pupillage right through to QC. Every case the Unit accepts specifies the number of years call needed from a suitable volunteer.


We understand that you may not be available to take on a particular piece of work, as such, which cases you choose to assist with is entirely up to you.

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